The Internet is for everyone

The Internet is for everyone, this means that everyone has equal rights to the Internet and that no one deserves to be deprived of the benefits of the Internet. Chair of ISOC Rwanda Chapter, Emmanuel Mfitumukiza says during the launch of Digital Library Project.

Today, on 12 August 2021,ISOC Rwanda Chapter Officially launched Digital Library Project developed in partnership with G.S Nyirarukobwa.

Digital Library will support G.S Nyirarukobwa to reduce cost of the Internet Bundle and enhance the usage of Innovation Lab by providing free access to quality educational contents to the school community. It will also promote the use of Digital technologies in the school.

In his opening remarks, Chair of ISOC Rwanda Chapter has mentioned that Digital Library is coming as an innovative solution to address the challenge of spending much money on the Internet Bundle and appreciated the tremendous support of Internet Society Foundation and everyone who have contributed to the development project.

Theophile NKUNDINGABO , Head Teacher of G.S Nyirarukobwa appreciated a continuous support of ISOC Rwanda Chapter and promised to use Digital Library effectively in the school.

Geremie HABINEZA , Parents representative also appreciated the support of the Internet Society Rwanda Chapter to the school. he said “thank you for the support you give us, my hope is that children and teachers will gain knowledge through the use of Digital Library and will be useful to society and the country as a whole.”

Delivering Keynote address to the participants, Evariste KAYIJAMAHE, Head Teacher of G.S NTARAMA and Acting Sector Education Inspector of Ntarama Sector appreciated good cooperation of ISOC Rwanda Chapter and G.S NYIRARUKOBWA in improving quality of Education and urged teachers to remain excellent. He said that “this is a good time to love and prioritize the work of teaching for the country, the more we get the tools the more we become professionals and urges teachers to remain excellent in their day-to-day work.”

Internet Society Rwanda Chapter supports and promotes the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, as a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society.

Emmanuel Mfitumukiza, Chair of ISOC Rwanda Chapter delivering opening remarks – The Internet is for everyone.
Teachers were trained on how to use of Digital Library
ISOC Rwanda Chapter donated 10 smartphones for teachers to access Digital Library
Evariste KAYIJAMAHE,SEO Appreciated good Cooperation
Geremie HABINEZA,Parents Representative Appreciated the support of ISOC Rwanda Chapter
From Left: Jules Nizeyimana, Emmanuel Mfitumukiza, Eric Ndayisenga,Theophile Nkundingabo,Evariste Kayijamahe,Geremie Habineza