Teachers of GS Butereri were trained on Remote Learning and online Safety Skills

Today, On 5th April 2024 at GS Butereri in Bugesera District, A five-days workshop on remote learning and online Safety was concluded. The workshop brought together teachers of the school at all levels to acquire knowledge on remote learning tools, privacy and Digital footprints.

Remote learning and online safety workshops aims at equipping teachers with essential skills needed to effectively navigate digital learning environments, promote student safety and well-being, and deliver high-quality education in online settings.

During this workshop, teachers acquired knowledge on how to deliver online classes using popular remote learning tools such as Quizlet, Kahoot, Google G-suite and online conference tools that are commonly used in online live sessions.

The workshop provided comprehensive coverage of key topics associated with digital identity and privacy, including what digital footprints are, how digital footprints are created, who is looking at them and why, and what are the positive and negative effects of digital footprints can be. they acquired knowledge on privacy to protect students’ personal information, prevent cyberbullying and online harassment, and respond appropriately to online safety concerns.

Trained teachers were equipped with transferable skills that they can apply to make informed choices about their online activities and the information they leave behind.