Emmanuel Mfitumukiza,Chair and CEO of ISOC Rwanda Chapter Officially Inaugurated SMART LAB Project.

On 12 November 2021, Chair and CEO of Internet Society (ISOC) Rwanda Chapter,Emmanuel Mfitumukiza Officially inaugurated SMART LAB Project at E.P KAYOVU in Bugesera District to bridge digital divide.

In his remarks, Emmanuel said that “Access to the Internet is fundamental to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

“Teachers use online materials to prepare lessons, and students to extend their range of learning. Access to the Internet helps school administrators to reduce the costs and simplifies information exchange.” he added

In the ceremony, Partnership agreement was signed between ISOC Rwanda Chapter and E.P KAYOVU with the goal of working together in promoting the upbringing of children’s education in Internet technology as the foundation of knowledge and excellency by bridging digital divide and empowering the school community with digital skills.

The Ceremony was also attended by MUKANTARI Emilienne, Executive Secretary of MWENDO Cell who was a representative of GASHORA Sector and Evariste NTAKAZIRAHO,G.S MWENDO Head Teacher and Acting Sector Education Inspector of GASHORA Sector .

In her Remarks, Emilienne commended the partnership between ISOC Rwanda Chapter and E.P KAYOVU. She requested E.P KAYOVU to take good care of the provided computers and to abide by the terms of the signed partnership agreement. She also assured that the administration of GASHORA sector will continue to promote partnership aiming at promoting the use of the Internet in education.

SMART LAB Project is one of the projects of Community Networks Program designed to bridge digital divide in remote schools by supporting schools to gain access to computers and Internet connectivity.

Through SMART LAB Project 11 teachers of E.P KAYOVU were trained on computer basics, Internet Essentials, how Internet Facilitates education and remote learning tools.

Partnership Agreement was signed between ISOC Rwanda Chapter and E.P KAYOVU
Left : Benjamin MUGWANEZA,Head Teacher of E.P KAYOVU , Right :Emmanuel MFITUMUKIZA,Chair and CEO of ISOC Rwanda Chapter
Emilienne MUKANTWARI,Executive Secretary of MWENDO Cell Commended Partnership between ISOC Rwanda Chapter and E.P KAYOVU.
Group Photo – SMART LAB Inauguration E.P KAYOVU