District Education Officer in Charge of Secondary and VCT schools of BUGESERA District alongside Chair of ISOC Rwanda Chapter Officially inaugurated Connecting G.S St TITE BUTERERI Project.

Butereri,on 26 November 2021,District Education Officer in Charge of Secondary and VCT Schools of BUGESERA District, Jean Baptiste Nzayisenga graced inauguration ceremony of Connecting G.S ST TITE BUTERERI Project implemented by ISOC Rwanda Chapter with the purpose of promoting the upbringing of children’s education in Internet Technology as the foundation of knowledge and Excellency.

In his remarks during the inauguration ceremony commended the support of Internet Society Rwanda Chapter and  requested the management of G.S ST TITE BUTERERI to take good care of the provided equipment as well as becoming digital ambassadors of using Internet in the community.

He has also requested teachers of the school to use gained knowledge from the project in teaching and learning activities as well as using Internet in accessing electronic books provided by Rwanda Education Board to enhance the school performance.

He assured that the district will continue to provide necessary support to ensure project sustainability.

Emmanuel Mfitumukiza, Chair of ISOC Rwanda Chapter requested the school to provide a strong leadership needed to effectively manage all provided equipment so that the smart classroom can become fully and sustainably functional.

Connecting G.S St Tite BUTERERI is one of the projects of Community Networks Program designed to bridge the digital divide in G.S St Tite BUTERERI by supporting school to gain access to computers and Internet connectivity.

Through Connecting G.S ST TITE BUTERERI project, A smart classroom was built and equipped with 20 desktop computers, 1 Projector,1 Printer and 1 Whiteboard. The school is connected to the Internet and a 1 year Internet Package was paid by ISOC Rwanda chapter. 25 teachers of G.S ST TITE BUTERERI were empowered with digital skills that enables them to make the full use of the Internet by accessing information, developing their digital literacy and finding innovative ways to use the Internet in teaching and learning activities.

Leaders of local Community were present
Emmanuel MINANI, Land and Infrastructures officer of Ruhuha Sector represented Ruhuha Sector in the ceremony.
The Whole School is connected Wirelessly
Trained teachers received certificate of Completion
Group PhotoConnecting G.S ST TITE BUTERERI
A Smart Classroom was Built