Before we were given these Smartphones, we were excluded in technology.

This was revealed by MUHIRE Jean de la Croix, a teacher of science at G.S NYIRARUKOBWA located in NTARAMA Sector, BUGESERA District after receiving a smartphone from Internet Society Rwanda Chapter in SMART TEACHER project.

He said “Before we were given these Smartphones, we were excluded in technology because we could not know information on time and our teaching was not going well”

 This was also echoed by NYIRAHAKIZIMANA Jeanisse who teaches at the school where she emphasized that given smartphones are helping them so much in learning and teaching.

She said “Received smartphone helps in learning and teaching, we teach, we work on time and improve our education because in today’s world it requires us to use technology.  you wouldn’t use it without it, you first study and then teach your students.”

NKUNDINGABO Theophile, Head Teacher of G.S NYIRARUKOBWA, appreciates the cooperation of ISOC Rwanda Chapter and the school and emphasized that provided smartphones are helping teachers to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

He said “We are very grateful for our cooperation with the Internet Society Rwanda Chapter, it has helped us a lot since its arrival at the school, both in the provision of devices and support the use of technology especially the Internet. Now we are grateful for the ongoing work of providing SMARTPHONES to teachers. it is an activity that promotes the performance of teachers.

For me, as a school Head Teacher, I saw that as motivation at work, but also going into learning and teaching it has been a great contribution because in conjunction with the Digital Library we were also given, for the teachers to access the information available in the  Library, they use those smartphones, it has helped us a lot on that side of accessing the content of the digital Library by reading books, watching the existing videos and preparing lessons and making it easier for them  because we usually had a shortage of books here. So, it helped us a lot and helps us with communication at the school level because we have a WhatsApp Group we share, now all teachers are 100% there as they are in the school, we exchange information easily. we are very grateful to the Internet Society Rwanda Chapter especially for the initiative of giving teachers smartphones.”

SMART Teacher is one of the ISOC Rwanda Chapter projects aimed at helping teachers gain access to digital devices and training on how to use them effectively.

So far,10 teachers have received smartphones and training on how to use them effectively.

ISOC Rwanda Chapter supports and promotes the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives and a force for good in society.

MUHIRE Jean de la Croix revealed that they were excluded in technology.
NYIRAHAKIZIMANA Jeanisse said that given Smartphones are helping them in learning and teaching
NKUNDINGABO Theophile Appreciated the cooperation of ISOC Rwanda Chapter and G.S NYIRARUKOBWA