When used effectively, Internet can help in improving the quality of education.

This was reiterated by Emmanuel Mfitumukiza, Chair of ISOC Rwanda Chapter in the conclusion of 3 days Internet for Education Workshop at G.S Mwendo.

Today, Internet Society Rwanda Chapter has concluded a three days Internet for Education Workshop for Teachers with the goal of empowering Teachers with Digital Skills to enhance the use of Internet in Education.

The workshop has started from 13 August 2021 to 15 August 2021 at G.S Mwendo with participation of 30 Primary School teachers from 6 schools in Gashora Sector.

With facilitation of experienced trainers , the workshop has covered Computer basics, Microsoft Office, the role of the Internet in education and how it can be used to achieve quality education for all.

Elias MANIRIHO who has spoken on behalf of all participants said that “The workshop was well organized and we have gained knowledge on computer , Internet and how it can be used in Education to improve quality of Education . thanks to Internet Society Rwanda Chapter for the thought that there were teachers who did not have enough knowledge on the Internet by organizing workshop like this”.

“Thanks to the Internet Society Rwanda Chapter for organizing this workshop, thanks to the government leadership, we have gained a lot and we are requesting another workshop if possible” Francine MUKASHYAKA added.

Venuste NTAKAZIRAHO, Head teacher of G.S Mwendo and Acting Sector Education Inspector of Gashora Sector commended the ISOC Rwanda Chapter and the participants and requested them to participate in the use of Internet technology in their teaching work. He teamed up with the ISOC Rwanda Chapter leadership to present the certificates of completion to the participants.

Participants were facilitated in practical Work.
Participants received certificate of Completion
Participants received certificate of Completion
Acting SEI requested participants to use Internet in their Work.
Group Photo