1. Project Summary

The project will train 10 teachers on how to use smartphone and help them acquire their own devices to participate in online education.

2. Why is this project needed?

COVID-19 has amplified the need of smart devices for teachers of G.S NYIRARUKOBWA where the main challenge is lack of digital devices and training to satisfy an increasing need introduced by online education. Helping teachers by donating smartphones and training helps them participate in digital education where they are able to connect with their peers sharing and learning as well as teaching their students via online channels established by Ministry of Education to continue learning while they are home.
This project contributes to the following United Nations sustainable development Goals:

Our work contributes directly to Target 4.1 of SDG 4, by improving secondary school educational outcomes for boys and girls. Additionally, students are gaining relevant technical skills that will improve their job prospects, contributing to Target 4.4.

By supporting schools with computer lab and assistive technology such as projectors, allowing thousands of students to access information and communications technology, we are directly contributing to Target 9.C of SDG 9.

This project directly contributes to Target 5.B of SDG 5, since we select schools who have a similar ratio of girls to boys and actively promote the usage of equipment by both genders, ensuring that no individual is excluded.

1. Expected Outcomes

At the end of this project, we will get the following outcome:
⦁ 10 teachers will receive smartphones,
⦁ Teachers will be trained on how to use smart devices in teaching and learning devices.

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